• AML & Counter Terrorism Financing Education, Resources & Advisory Services.
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AML Services

ComplianceAid services include:

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF)

Pillar I - Policies and Procedures

      • Program

o Development
o Enhancement
o Template
o Gap Assessment

  • Risk Program

o Customer Risk Assessment
 Develop
 Enhance
 Conduct

o Annual AML/CFT Risk Assessment
 Develop
 Enhance
 Conduct

  • Customer On boarding / Know Your Customers (KYC)

o Customer Relationship Management System
o Remediation / Look back
o Enhance Due Diligence
o Sanctions False Positive Remediation
o Sanctions Gap Assessment
o PEP Remediation

  • Customer Screening

o theList.pro System
o Assistance in Selecting Other Solutions

  • Implementation on

o Setup program per department

Pillar II - Compliance Officer

  • External

o AML Compliance Officer function
o Advisory Function

  • Internal

o Candidate Pre-Selection (for hiring)
o Mentoring/Shadowing program
o Assistance on demand

Pillar III - AML Training
(Available: online recorded, online live, in person)

  • Annual training
    o Staff
    o Board
    o Management
  • Specialized training
    o Compliance Staff
    o Audit Staff
    o Front Line Staff
    o IT Staff

Pillar IV - Annual AML Audit
o Develop Audit Program
o Conduct Audit

Other Projects

  • Regulatory Exam Preparation
  • Internal Control and Fraud Prevention

o Diagnostic
o Advisory & Implementation